Chester County, by virtue of its geographical location and topography, is subject to natural hazards such as flooding, winter storms,droughts, tornadoes, and earthquakes.  Historically, all these hazards have affected or threatened the county.  Major snowstorms and flooding have the greatest potential to cause significant disruptions, mainly because residents are not prepared for these natural hazards.  In additon, earthquake occurrences have become more frequent in adjacent counties, prompting study of the fault lines in the great Philadelphia area.

Chester County has experienced human-caused disasters that have affected sizable segments of our population.  Hazardous-materials incidents, fires, transportation accidents, and energy emergencies have occurred in the county.  Nuclear attack, however remote the possibility, also cannot be discounted.d  Of all the human-caused hazards noted, hazardous-materials incidents are of immediate importance.  The dramatic increase in the use, storage, transport, manufacturing, and disposal of hazardous materials increases the frequency and potential for hazardous-materials incidents.

All levels of government and all emergency service organizations must be aware of these hazards that affect the county so that appropriate response, precautions, and preventive measures can be implemented to reduce or eliminate the effects of those hazards.  the Chester County Department of Emergency Services is committed to cooperating and coordinating with public and/or private agencies to reduce the effects of these hazards.

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Winters Storms

Tornados, Hurricanes, and Wind Storms

Droughts and Water Supply Deficiencies



Dam Failures

Hazardous Materials

Fire Hazards

Transportation Hazards

Energy Emergencies

Civil Disorders

Nuclear Facilities