Emergency Medical Services Division

In addition to their role as an operational division of the Department of Emergency Services, the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Division also serves as a contractor to the Pennsylvania Department of Health-Bureau of EMS (Bureau) to serve as the regional EMS council for Chester County.

Responsibilities of the regional EMS council include:

  • Administering psychomotor certification examinations for all levels of EMS providers;
  • Processing EMS agency licensure applications and performing licensure inspections for all EMS agencies in Chester County;
  • Processing accreditation applications and performing inspections for Medical Command Facilities (each of the County's 5 acute care hospital emergency departments) and processing certification applications for all affiliated Medical Command Physicians;
  • As authorized by BEMS - investigating, documenting, and providing recommendations on EMS complaints;
  • Registering EMS certification and continuing education courses, and processing continuing education course rosters;
  • Collecting and validating EMS patient care report data, and forwarding to BEMS;
  • Performing Continuous Quality Improvement activities related to the regional EMS system;
  • Processing of initial certification materials, and re-registration of certification for all levels of EMS providers;
  • Providing technical assistance and serving as resource for EMS related issues for all EMS system stakeholders.
  • Processing applications for EMS Educational Institutes and Continuing Education Sponsors
  • Liaison between all EMS system stakeholders and the Bureau

Additionally, the EMS Division:

  • Assists with planning and resource allocation for Mass Casualty Incident responses, and functions in a variety of roles in staffing the County's Emergency Operations Center;
  • Participates as an active member of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Regional Task Force Emergency Responder Workgroup - EMS Sub-Committee;
  • Actively participates in Pennsylvania Emergency Health Services Council activities and committees;
  • Offers EMS related education programs to EMS system stakeholders, County employees and the general public.


 Annual Fiscal Report to the Dept. of Health