Fire Services

The Fire Services Division comprises the Fire Marshals and Hazardous Materials Response groups. The two full-time and two part-time Fire Marshals provide fire investigative services in coordination with local agencies, Pennsylvania State Police, and various federal agencies. The Fire Marshals also inspect county buildings for fire and life safety, conduct fire prevention education and work intensively with juveniles to promote fire prevention.

The Hazardous Materials Team, with one full-time coordinator and thirty part-time responders, provide response to hazardous material incidents that occur within Chester County by automatic protocol dispatch or public safety agency request. Hazardous materials staff personnel are also available to advise public safety leadership on hazards as needed. 

Contact Justin McClure, Deputy Director for Fire Services, with questions, comments or suggestions.

Fire Services Staff Email Office No.
Justin McClure, Deputy Director [email protected] 610-344-5070
John Weer, Chief County Fire Marshal  [email protected] 610-344-5054
Randall Patton, Assistant County Fire Marshal   610-344-4338
Latta White, Assistant Fire Marshal  [email protected] 610-344-5158
Brian Barrett, Assistant Fire Marshal  [email protected]  610-344-5158
Bob Stewart, HazMat Coordinator [email protected]  610-344-5086