The National Coalition On Violence Against Animals was established as an independent collective of local, state and national organizations that focus on animal cruelty and its relationship to other forms of violence.
The NCOVAA builds upon the hard work of each individual member and member organization, accelerating their momentum by bringing together all the elements to achieve a national multidisciplinary coordination of efforts. 
The NCOVAA facilitates cooperation across organizations in ongoing and new efforts both to end animal abuse and to increase understanding that it occurs in the general context of violence in society.
The NCOVAA provides a forum for key national, state and local organizations and professionals to positively promote national policies, strategies, practices and guidelines
While members and member organizations may have differing perspectives and differing opinions on the specifics of implementing national initiatives, we will always aspire to have a group understanding. The coalition will have no problem finding consensus on major goals to end animal cruelty in our nation.

Executive Board

2016 Co-Chairs

  • Sheriff Carolyn "Bunny" Welsh, Chester County (PA) Sheriff's Office
  • Mark Kumpf, CAWA, Director, Montgomery County Animal Resource Center
  • April Doherty, Paralegal and Lead Investigator - Animal Abuse Unit, State's Attorney's Office of Baltimore County
(left to right, April Doherty, Sheriff Welsh, and Mark Kumpf)