Chester County Authorities, Boards and Commissions                                               

The Chester County Commissioners invite you to consider volunteering on our Authorities, Boards, and Commissions. Chester County Government relies on our citizens for their expertise in a variety of ways. We are able to maintain the unparalleled success and uniqueness of Chester County’s Government by collaborating with our citizens on a regular basis. Volunteers provide welcomed support, guidance, advice and oversight. If you are interested in more information, or want to submit a resume for any vacancy, please use the contact information provided below.

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Office of Aging Services Citizens' Advisory Council

Members of this Advisory Council act as advocates for the needs and rights of the elderly in Chester County and to serve as a clearinghouse of ideas relevant to older persons. 

Membership:At least 15 members, no more than 25

Contact: Sandy Murphy - 610-344-6378


Chester County Agricultural Development Council

Members of this Council promote, encourage and assist in the retention of farmland and activities related to agriculture and agricultural production, and examine problems and issues related to agricultural preservation.

Membership: No more than 13. No less than five shall be directly active in farming or agricultural production

Contact: Brian O’Leary - 610-344-6285


Agricultural Land Preservation Board

The Agricultural Land Preservation Board administers the Commonwealth Agricultural Conservation Easement Purchase Program and the Chester County Challenge Grant Program. The easement programs assure preservation of viable agricultural lands in order to protect the agricultural economy and resources of the County.

Membership: Nine members minimum. No less than four members must be active Chester County farmers.

Contact: David Stauffer - 610-344-5656

No vacancy

America 250PA  Chester County Commission
The America250PA Chester County Commission coordinates activities with America250PA in Chester County to help build the foundation for celebrating the nation’s 250th anniversary and to prepare specific steps for celebrating the nation’s heritage.

Membership: 29 members 

Contact: Brian N. O’Leary - 610-344-6285


Chester County Area Airport Authority

Members of this Authority serve as the Board of Directors for the Chester County Airport. 

Membership: Seven members

Contact: Holly Selter - 610-696-8500


Children, Youth and Families Citizen Advisory Committee

Members of this Advisory Committee provide information and counsel to the Chester County Department of Children, Youth and Families with regard to the needs of abused, neglected, or otherwise dependent children, youth, and their families.

Membership: At least 11 members, no more than 15

Contact: Eve Large - 610-344-5783 


Chester County Conference and Visitors Bureau Board

Members of this Board advise upon the operation of the Chester County Conference & Visitors Bureau, a non-profit, independent tourism agency responsible for marketing Chester County and the Brandywine Valley to individual leisure travelers and travel writers. 

Membership: No more than 15 members. Commissioners appoint up to five members

Contact: Susan Hamley - 484-840-7223

No vacancy

 Chester County Conservation District Board

Members of this Board provide advice to the Conservation District regarding the development, improvement and conservation of the County’s soil, water and related resources, as well as educate the community in conservation and environmental practices and methods. 

Membership: Seven members - four farmer members, two public (non-farmer) members and one County Commissioner

Contact: Christian Strohmaier - 610-925-4920 

No vacancy

 Chester County Drug & Alcohol Advisory Board

Members of this Board advise the Director of the Chester County Department of Drug and Alcohol on the planning, coordination and administration of drug and alcohol prevention, intervention, and treatment services for county residents.

Membership: No less than seven members, no more than 15

Contact: Betty Wade 610-344-5744 


The Environmental and Energy Advisory Board
The Environmental and Energy Advisory Board will enhance the County's commitment to preservation and protection of the environment and focus on the balance, interplay, and impact of energy related initiatives and issues.
Membership: 20 members

Chester County Board of Health

Members of the Board of Health advise the Director of the Chester County Health Department and approve rules and regulations for the protection and preservation of public health.

Membership: Five members, two are physicians

Contact: Ilene Greising - 610-344-6232

No vacancy

Chester County Health and Education Facilities Authority

Members of this Authority review and approve financing options for capital projects for nonprofit health and educational institutions, including the issuance of tax-exempt bonds.

Membership: Seven members

Contact: James E. McErlane - 610-701-4404

No vacancy

Housing Authority of Chester County

Members of this Authority serve as the Board of Directors to govern and oversee the federal funding from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for the purpose of providing quality housing to low income households. Primarily, the Housing Authority oversees HUD’s Housing Choice Voucher and Public Housing programs.

Membership: Five members

Contact: Pat Bokovitz - 610-344-6959

 No vacancy

Chester County Industrial Development Authority 

Members of the Authority approve low-interest financing to businesses for eligible capital projects through the issuance of tax-exempt and taxable bonds.  

Membership: Nine members

Call 610-344-6100

No vacancy

Chester County Library Board

Members of this Board serve in a dual role as the Board of the Chester County Library System and as the Board for the Chester County Library & District Center. Responsibilities include developing and evaluating strategic direction, development and maintenance of system-wide and local library policies, broad based library advocacy, financial oversight and other responsibilities that are outlined in the Pennsylvania Library Code.

Membership: Seven members

Contact: Joe Sherwood - 610-344-4052


Chester County Local Emergency Planning Committee

The Chester County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) for the Emergency Planning District of Chester County is a partnership to protect the public against risks from hazardous materials. Federal legislation requires planning districts and local committees.Pennsylvania Act 165 defines each county as a separate planning district with its own committee. Members of the LEPC are nominated by the County Commissioners and approved by the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA).


Call: 610-344-5000

No vacancy

Chester County Mental Health/Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (MH/IDD Advisory Board)

Members of this Advisory Board guide and support the Administrator and staff of Chester County’s Department of MH/IDD on programs and services pertaining to individuals identified as seriously mentally ill, intellectually or developmentally disabled.

Membership: 13 members

Contact: Dorinda Westmoreland - 610-344-4057


Chester County Park & Recreation Board

The Parks & Recreation Board provides advice and guidance on the development and operation of Chester County’s parks and trails.

Membership: Nine members

Contact: Ed Auble - 610-613-4188


Chester County Pipeline Safety Board

Members of this Board review and make recommendations to the Commissioners and pertinent County Departments on the following:
• Identify areas of best practice in pipeline safety, including but not limited to local emergency planning, training, and response;
• Review and provide recommendations on local and county policies and procedures regarding emergency response and planning for pipelines;
• Provide recommendations to increase transparency and public engagement on any pipeline issue;
• Review and provide recommendations on proposed statutory, legislative, regulatory, and contractual changes affecting pipeline siting, design, construction, safety, and operations in Chester County;
• Review pipeline incidents occurring in Chester County and provide recommendations relevant thereto with the consideration of improving local and county response, interaction and involvement.

Membership: 21



Chester County Planning Commission 

Members of this Commission guide the Director of the Planning Commission on the future growth and preservation plans for Chester County in relation to the County's comprehensive plan, Landscapes3, as well as in collaboration with public, private and corporate citizens.

Membership: Nine members

Contact: Brian O'Leary - 610-344-6285

No vacancy

SEPTA Citizens' Advisory Board

Members of this Citizens’ Advisory Committee act as independent representatives and advocates on behalf of SEPTA customers in the five county region of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Membership: One member from Chester County


Solid Waste Authority

Members of this Authority serve as a board of directors, overseeing policymaking for the Solid Waste Authority and for the operation of the Lanchester Sanitary Landfill, which provides economic and environmentally sound waste disposal and recycling options to Chester County citizens.

Membership: Seven members

Contact: Bob Watts - 484-796-4040

No vacancy

Chester Water Authority

Members of this Authority serve as the Board of Directors overseeing policymaking decisions for the Chester Water Authority.

Membership: Three members from Chester County.

Call: 610-344-6100

No vacancy

Chester County Water Resources Authority

Members of this Authority are responsible for the fiscal and operational management of the Authority and its four regional flood control facilities and related lands that provide flood protection for communities in the Brandywine Creek watershed. In addition, members provide guidance on water resources science, engineering and planning to protect public safety and preserve the integrity of Chester County’s natural water resources and watershed system.

Membership: Nine members

Director: Seung Ah Byun, Executive Director 

No vacancy

Chester County Women's Commission

Members of the Chester County Women’s Commission promote opportunities for inclusion of women as full and equal participants in all facets of Chester County life.

Membership: No more than 21 members

Contact: Email


Chester County Workforce Development Board

Members of the Chester County Workforce Development Board provide oversight and strategic vision in the administration of the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) for the purpose of having a strong workforce and healthy economy.

Membership: 25 members

Contact: Pat Bokovitz - 610-344-6959

 No vacancy

Veterans Affairs Advisory Council
Members of the Council advise, assist and support the Chester County Department of Veterans Affairs in their provision of services to veterans and their families.
Membership - 15

Contact Susan Price – 610 344-5210

No vacancy

To express your interest in volunteering for a Chester County Authority, Board or Commission, please submit the ABC Interest Survey.