Bridge Program

Bridge #207

Pidgeon Creek Bridge on Old Schuylkill Road in East Coventry Township is reduced to one lane for the foreseeable future.

Bridge #311 Closure 

Eckers Run Bridge on West Cedarsville Road in North Coventry Township will be closed for the foreseeable future. 

Bridge #92 Closure

Chester County has completed its engineering assessment of Harvey’s Bridge and is preparing to re-open the bridge by end of day Friday June 10, 2022. The bridge is being re-opened only for use by non-truck traffic and vehicles less than 8 tons. Prior to re-opening, the County is installing additional signage and physical measures to prohibit and deter over-weight trucks from crossing the bridge. (6/8/22)

Bridge #111 Rehabilitation Project

A meeting was held on January 30, 2020, at the East Bradford Township building regarding the rehabilitation of County Bridge #111, Jefferis Bridge, carrying Allerton Road over the East Branch of Brandywine Creek. The bridge is a single span Pratt through truss structure that dates to 1905 and was moved to its present location in 1953. View the presentation below to learn about the proposed rehabilitation project.
January 30 Public Meeting Presentation

Mission Statement
To provide effective maintenance of bridges at the highest level of service possible through the judicious use of available funding in order to effect safe and efficient movement throughout the local road system.

Goals & Objectives
  • To perform field safety inspections of all bridges, in accordance with State and Federal regulations, in order to determine the physical condition, maintenance needs and load capacity of the county’s bridges.
  • To provide quality workmanship in repair and preventative maintenance.
  • To implement bridge designs that meet current Federal and State standards, while maintaining the integrity of historically significant structures.
  • To perform bridge rehabilitation using in-house staff whenever possible, to improve structural capacity, increase the service life and decrease future maintenance costs of bridges.
  • To reconstruct functionally obsolete or structurally deficient bridges in order to increase safety, improve structural capacity and reduce maintenance costs.
Primary Objectives
  • To complete 100% of the required 47 NBIS inspections, one underwater inspection and one probing inspection; and submit all reports within the allotted time period with 95% needing no corrections or updates.
  • To reduce the backlog of "priority 2" or higher structure and stream repair needs by 26% from twenty-three to seventeen toward a target of five.
  • To complete 100% of the approximately ninety preventative maintenance activities.
  • To improve the average superstructure/substructure condition assessment rating for bridges 1% from 5.911 to 5.960 toward a target of 6.000.