Community Service

The Chester County Coroner’s Office remains committed to serving the community through education and prevention.

Many media messages are released periodically to address timely serious threats to the community’s health and well-being, such as:

  • Child and teen highway fatalities
  • Air bag vehicular deaths
  • Seat belt use
  • Holiday and prom drinking and driving
  • Bicycle safety
  • Fire-related deaths
  • Weather-related deaths
  • Pool and fresh water safety
  • Farm safety, and
  • Child choking hazards

... just to name a few. 

Overdose Prevention

Safely discard any no longer needed medication, especially all opioids and other pain medications, in one of Chester County’s many Medication Drop Off locations.

Coroner Presentations

The Coroner presents regularly to many other youth and adult community groups on topics such as:

  • The hazards of drug use/abuse
  • Seat belt use
  • Holiday and prom drinking and driving

County Agency Cooperatives

The Coroner's Office has developed cooperative protocols and coordinated efforts with other County Agencies. These efforts include participation with: 

  • The Chester County Department of Children, Youth and Family - through participation in the Child Fatality Review Team
  • The Department of Health and Department of Emergency Services - through efforts within the County Bioterrorism Task Force
  • The Department of Emergency Services - through efforts to review and practice the County’s Mass Fatality Response protocols
  • The Department of Mental Health and Retardation - through the development of cooperative protocols when there is a sudden death of a County resident
  • Through efforts to work cooperatively with County Law Enforcement jurisdictions - as well as Fire & Rescue jurisdictions

State & Federal Authority Involvement

The Coroner’s Office also interacts regularly with other State and Federal Authorities, including: 

  • The Department of Transportation - for vehicular death issues
  • The National Transportation Safety Board - for airplane crashes
  • The Department Occupational Safety and Health Administration - concerning workplace hazards
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation - in instances of federal law violations
  • The Consumer Product Safety Commission - with respect to deaths potentially related to consumer products
  • The Drug Enforcement Agency - when deaths occur secondary to the use and abuse of drugs
  • The Pennsylvania Department of Health and Center for Disease Control - when circumstances about a death are related to a potentially contagious disease and/or a potentially bioterroristic situation

The Chester County Coroner’s Office works diligently to assure our daily work is directed at assisting the families who survive the loss of a loved 1. While our work is centered about sudden, violent and traumatic death situations, the driving mission of our Office is centered about service to the living family and friends who are the victims of a tragic loss. Service directed at understanding the truth about how and why their loved 1 died; and, Service directed at revealing and enacting any means of preventing future, similar deaths with our County.