Fire Marshal's Office

The Chester County Fire Marshal's Office is committed to provide the best possible proactive approach to fire safety, prevention and education. The Fire Marshals work together with the emergency responders to make our County a safe and productive environment for all concerned.

The Fire Marshal's Office maintains it's certification with the National Board of Fire Service Professionals. The Office is proud to be a participating department with 100% of its staff certified.

Requests are received from the fire services, municipalities and residents on origin and cause of investigations as required by law; fire and life safety inspections; public safety presentations; Juvenile Fire Starters Intervention Program; assisting municipalities in a wide variety of Code issues; and working with law enforcement agenices.

The Fire Marshal's Office is responsible for Fire and Life Safety Inspections of all County owned or leased facilities, institutional buildings, nursing homes, health care homes, Department of Aging Services facilities, transitional housing and independent care facilities.

The Office maintains the Juvenile Fire Starters Intervention Program. Children come into the program as referrals from parents, schools, mental health agencies, juvenile probation, district courts, fire stations and police departments. The juveniles, due to their actions, that have escalated into the Court System are required to attend the complete program as part of the sentencing process. The Judges have welcomed the program as an alternative or in addition to monetary penalties. For more information on this program please call 610-344-5000 and ask for the Fire Marshal's Office.