Campaign Finance

Campaign finance reporting is a very important part of running for or holding an elected office. On this page, you will find some of the forms most utilized during the campaign finance cycles, and some other helpful information. Please be sure to read over it carefully. Mandated fines may incur if campaign finance obligations are not met on time. We encourage both candidates and representatives of campaign committees to contact our office at any time with questions, or to check your specific obligations.

In general, campaign finance reports/statements must be filed by all candidates for public office (except for Poll Worker Positions) setting forth information regarding contributions received and expenditures made for the purpose of influencing the outcome of an election.

Candidates who do not intend to have financial activity related to their seeking office over $250 should fill out the “Waiver of Expense Account Reporting Affidavit” found on the back of their Nominating Petitions (also below). Submitting this form is highly recommended if you are unsure of your spending plans.

A candidate may also authorize a committee to accept contributions and make expenditures on the candidate’s behalf. The committee must have a chairperson and a treasurer, who may not be the same person. Each candidate and each authorized political committee must file reports of receipts and expenditures, if the amount received or expended or liabilities incurred exceeds $250. Otherwise, the candidate or the treasurer of the authorized political committee may file the statement in lieu of the reports.

It is important to note that candidates are required to file a campaign finance report/statement that is separate from the report/statement filed by their authorized political committee. And, depending on the office, candidates may be required to file with Chester County Voter Services or with the Department of State, or both. 

Candidates who file with the State are expected to send copies of their reports to Chester County as well.

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