Interpreter Request

Chester County Courts offer assistance to persons of limited English proficiency and deaf or hard of hearing persons during judicial proceedings by providing interpreters as required by Title VI of the federal Civil Rights Act, the Pennsylvania Interpreter Act, and its regulations.

Customarily, the attorney for the case will request an interpreter for the proceeding, so verify with your attorney that an interpreter had been requested. If you require in an interpreter and there is no attorney representing you for the judicial proceeding please contact the court office where the proceeding will be held. Your notice will indicate the location of the hearing. Please contact the appropriate MDJ office if the location is a Magisterial District Judges Office. If the location is before a Master or Judge at the Court of Common Pleas in West Chester, please submit a request for an Interpreter.

Interpreter Waiver Form

If the hearing is canceled or continued it is your responsibility to contact the appropriate office immediately to notify them of the cancellation.