PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act)

Chester County Prison has zero tolerance for sexual misconduct involving inmates.  It is the policy of Chester County Prison to provide a safe, humane, and secure environment, free from sexual violence, misconduct, harassment, or retaliation, by establishing definitions of prohibited conduct and maintaining a program of prevention, detection, investigation, response and tracking of all alleged and substantiated sexual misconduct.  Newly committed inmates will be provided information about sexual assault, to include; self protection, reporting sexual assault, prevention/intervention, treatment and counseling.

Sexual misconduct between staff and inmates, volunteers or contract personnel and inmates, inmates and inmates, regardless of consensual status is prohibited and subject to administrative discipline and/or criminal sanctions.

If you have specific and detailed information regarding an inmate being abused by staff, of staff fraternizing with inmates or their families, or staff wrongdoing please call 1-800-677-0330. You will be instructed to leave a message. The employees of the DOC's Office of Special Investigations and Intelligence (OSII) monitor this number on a daily basis. Reports may be anonymous and should be very specific regarding the details of the situation so investigations can be conducted in a timely manner. Your privacy will be protected, but in order to start an investigation, someone has to be available to be interviewed, so specific details are vital.

When you leave a message, include the date and time of the incident, the facility where it took place, information about staff involved and a brief, but very detailed message about the incident. This will help staff to better investigate an alleged incident.

How to Report Institutional Sexual Assault/Misconduct

If you have information regarding an inmate-on-inmate sexual assault, please call this toll-free number which is sponsored by the DOC and the PA Coalition Against Rape - 1-800-472-8477.

Calls may be ANONYMOUS. The Pennsylvania State Police and the Department of Corrections have partnered with a third party to handle these calls. This allows the DOC to be in compliance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act’s (PREA) third party reporting standard. All calls will be routed to PSP’s Crime Stoppers Tipline. All reports will be sent to the appropriate state prison but also to the appropriate PSP barracks, resulting in an organization outside of the DOC being aware of a report.

All reports shall be investigated, and aggregate data regarding sexual abuse allegations shall be published annually on this website.

PREA Policies and Procedures

PREA Final Report

PREA Annual Reports