Real-time Notification of Flood Levels

Flooding is the most prevalent natural disaster in Pennsylvania, accounting for over $1 billion worth of property damage annually. Chester County has over 2,300 miles of streams and over 250 locations of known flooding problems.

People tend to underestimate how dangerous even shallow flowing water can be. Just six inches of moving water can sweep people off their feet and can reach the bottom of passenger cars causing loss of control and stalling. A foot of water can float most vehicles, and two feet of rushing water can carry away most vehicles, including vehicles as large as sport utility vehicles and pick-up trucks.

Use the CCWRA Tool to Easily Navigate to
Real-Time Stream and Rainfall Conditions

Using the CCWRA interactive tool you can quickly access information for 19 U.S. Geological Survey stream gages in Chester County that provide real-time data via USGS websites and subscribe to receive text or email notifications regarding real-time stream conditions.

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), in cooperation with the County of Chester, maintains a network of stream and lake gages throughout Chester County that provide hourly measurements of the height of the water in the creeks, rivers and Chambers Lake. These data are accessible to the public, and tools have been developed by the USGS and their partners to allow people to get fast, reliable information on current conditions sent via text messages or emails.

The interactive tool also provides easy access to information for the eight gages in Chester County that have National Weather Service flood action levels. At four additional locations, the USGS has surveyed local roads adjacent to the gages and provides water levels that result in flooded roads so that you can navigate around the flooding.
A few images of the Real-Time Notification of Flood Levels
Click on either image to enter the interactive tool and access information about stream conditions in Chester County and subscribe for text or email notifications on real-time stream conditions.