Symptoms in Teens

It is sometimes difficult to know the difference between normal teen-age behavior and behavior caused by substances. Some questions to consider are:
  • Does your child seem withdrawn, depressed, tired, and careless about personal grooming or appearance?
  • Has your child become hostile and uncooperative?
  • Have your child’s relationships with other family members deteriorated?
  • Has your child dropped old friends?
  • Is there a deterioration of school performance? Problems with attendance? Discipline?
  • Has your child lost interest in hobbies, sports, or other favorite activities?
  • Has your child’s sleeping or eating patterns changed?
Positive answers to these questions can be indicative of substance abuse or some other problem your child is experiencing. If you are in doubt, get help.

Other Indicators

Other things to watch for are signs of drugs or paraphernalia.
  • pipes
  • rolling papers
  • small medicine bottles
  • glassine bags
  • eye drops
  • butane lighters
These items may signify that your child is using drugs and/or socializing with others who do.