Vendor Information

Chester County Parks will sponsor special events that feature food and craft vendors selected through an application process.

The County shall determine the number and type of vendors needed for event theme and size. 

We do not offer protection from the rain or sun - vendors are strongly encouraged to bring a small canopy, which may be set up within your assigned space. We cannot guarantee attendance figures.

All vendors must adhere to the Vendor Guidelines.

Food Vendors

Chester County Parks will host multiple events that award vendor space via an application process. Due to limitations, the County cannot guarantee space for all applicants. Consideration will be given based on event needs, space, amount of duplicated products and required criteria of the event. 
For smaller events, vendors are individually solicited based on desired menu items, proximity to park, and previous experience. 

All food vendors must:
Craft Vendors
Chester County Parks will host two events that feature craft vendors. Vendors must feature hand-made items for display and sale. All items to be sold must be the created work of the vendor. Commercially manufactured items, kits and/or items not handcrafted or designed by the vendor may not be sold. Vendors must adhere to the Craft Vendor Guidelines and PoliciesVendors interested in participating must complete an application, found on the Vendor Guidelines page. 

Commercial Vendors

We are no longer excepting commercial vendor applications for any event. Exceptions may be made if the proposed product(s) directly relate to the event theme. Please do not submit a craft vendor form in anticipation of participating. For more information, please Contact Us