Emergency Preparedness

Being prepared for a community emergency is important for everyone. Chester County has had weather events, floods, large fires, and disease outbreaks which disrupted daily life for many people. It is especially important for those with special needs to be prepared so they can cope during any disruption. Special needs might include essential medical equipment, medications, access to electricity for medical equipment, special behavior supports, or other needs.

Smart911 -  Smart911 is a free service that allows residents to create a safety profile online to provide key information to Chester County's 9-1-1 Center.  Smart911 is completely secure and private, and residents control what information they want 9-1-1 and first responders to have in an emergency situation.  Visit Smart911.com
Visit ReadyChesco or readypa.org for more information about being prepared and receiving community alerts.

Disaster Crisis Outreach & Referral Team (DCORT)

DCORT is a team of volunteers trained to provide psychological support to the community following a major disaster. Psychological 1st aid is not treatment, but includes compassionate presence, emotional support, education about common reactions, and referral to area resources. For more information contact the MH/IDD DCORT Coordinator at 610-344-6265 or complete the DCORT Application.