Equipment Rental Program

The Chester County Conservation District currently owns a horse-drawn corn planter and a no-till drill. Our equipment is rented to our cooperators on a first-come first-serve basis. Use of the no-till equipment enables the District to work with our cooperating landowners to establish new conservation practices on their lands.

No-Till Corn Planter

This John Deere 7000 horse-drawn 4-row No-Till Corn Planter was purchased through a Conservation Innovation Grant and with funds from The Brandywine Valley Association. The No-Till Corn Planter is available for rent for $10 per acre and the rental area is centralized in the Honey Brook and surrounding areas.

No-Till Drill

This 7' 5" row Esch No-Till Drill was purchased with a nutrient trading grant and through a special project with The Chesapeake Bay Program in 2007. The drill has been used to no-till cover crops, grasses, and alfalfa. it is available for rent for $10 per acre through Aaron Miller at 610-593-2789.

For more information, contact Chris Strohmaier, Managing Director, 610-455-1370

No Till Drill