Christina Basin TMDL & Implementation Plan

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has assessed the streams within the Christina River Basin (Brandywine Creek, Red Clay Creek, White Clay Creek and Christina River watersheds) and determined that many are not meeting water quality standards. Therefore, as required by the Clean Water Act, a series of Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) have been developed to determine the amount of pollutants that is allowed to be discharged into the streams without violating water quality standards. Stormwater pollutant limits may be assigned to municipalities in order to help improve water quality.

There are 3 TMDL Reports that have been developed for the Christina Basin in Pennsylvania and Delaware:
Excerpt from EPA TMDL Bacteria and Sediment in Christina River Basin Report, September 2006 (includes Table 4-6. Waste Load Allocations by Subbasin and Table 4-7.Waste Load Allocations by Municipality).
Rain Garden at the East Brandywine Township Municipal Building

MapShed Model for Christina Basin

MapShed is a GIS-based watershed modeling tool developed by researchers at Penn State for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PaDEP), and it is currently being used by that agency to develop non-point source TMDLs within the state of Pennsylvania.

CCWRA, with support from the model developer Dr. Barry Evans of Penn State University and Stroud Water Research, has developed the MapShed model for the Christina Basin and is using this tool to assess current and future pollutant loadings and potential BMP implementation scenarios within the portion of the Christina River basin located in Pennsylvania, to support the Christina Basin TMDL Implementation Partnership efforts.

For more information about MapShed and about the MapShed Model for the Christina Basin, please see the links and materials provided below.

Christina Watersheds Municipal Partnership 

The Brandywine Red Clay Alliance (formerly the Brandywine Valley Association) serves as the Partnership coordinator for more than 38 Chester County municipalities, with assistance from Chester County Water Resources Authority, Gaadt Perspectives, LLC, Environmental Finance Center, Delaware Water Resources Center (University of Delaware), Brandywine Conservancy and White Clay Creek Wild & Scenic.

In 2016, the group was awarded a significant grant from the National Fisheries and Wildlife Foundation Grant program to support their efforts to pilot a multi-municipal approach to meeting state water quality regulations in Chester County. Throughout the collaborative building process many lessons were learned and one successful collaboration between two municipalities to meet state regulations was formalized. 

Meetings are ongoing, usually quarterly and essential to working together watershed-wide to improve the water quality in the Christina River Basin watershed. 
For more information about the Partnership or to inquire about joining, visit the Christina Partnership webpage or contact Bob Struble, Watershed Conservation Director from Brandywine Red Clay Alliance or call him at 610-793-1090.

Christina Basin TMDL Implementation Plan (CTIP) Municipal Partnership 

The Brandywine Valley Association as lead organization, with assistance from Gaadt Perspectives, LLC, Chester County Water Resources Authority and the Chester County Conservation District, and working with the CTIP Municipal Partnership (located within the Christina Basin, PA) developed a TMDL Implementation Plan for the PA portion of the Christina Basin. The Plan includes both the regulatory components of TMDL implementation as well as voluntary efforts that will be vital to meeting the water quality goals for the Christina Basin watersheds.

The final Plan document can be downloaded and viewed by selecting the link provided below:
The CTIP Municipal Partnership began in earnest in December 2010 as a collaborative effort for watershed-based water quality initiatives. 

Information, tools and maps are available below:


GIS Layers

(Must have Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software to use.)

Christina Basin Clean Water Partnership

This active partnership of Delaware and Pennsylvania governmental and non-governmental agencies, municipalities and organizations seeks to restore the waters of the Brandywine Creek, Red Clay Creek, White Clay Creek, and Christina River. The Partnership has been actively implementing physical and institutional water quality improvements within the Christina Basin for over 15 years.

Water Quality Improvements/BMP Resources

This page provides links to documents and key web sites containing information on watersheds, watershed stewardship, water quality, and water quality improvements.