Watershed Primer References

The Figure title is in bold. For each figure, the first reference cites the author of the publication that we took the figure from (full citation at the bottom of this page) – the second citation is from the source publication if they have cited the illustration to another publication.
Hydrologic Cycle showing rainfall, runoff, infiltration, ground water flow, and stream network.
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service - No additional reference.
Ground Water movement showing infiltration and ground water flow.
Winter, T.C et. al. – (Modified from Dunne, T., and Leopold, L.B., 1978, Water in environmental planning: San Francisco, W.H. Freeman)
Illustration of first order streams and the stream order concept.
Schueler, T. - No additional reference
Summary of Minimum Buffer Width for Desired Buffer Functions
Todd, Albert H. Making Decisions About Riparian Buffer Width, in AWRA Proceedings International Conference on Riparian Ecology and Management in Multi-Land Use Watersheds, 2000.
Riffles and pools in the stream.
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service - No additional reference
Comparison of volume and duration of stormwater runoff before and after land development, and reductions in runoff from BMP’s.
Prince George’s County … - No additional reference
Potential Impacts of Development on Stream Flow and Flooding
Schueler, T. - (Source: Schueler 1987) Schueler, T. 1987. Controlling Urban Runoff - a practical manual for planning and designing urban best management practices. Metropolitan Washington Council of Government, DC. 202 pp.)
Example of development costs and cost savings associated with site imperviousness.
Prince George’s County … - (Adapted from Schueler, 1995) – Schueler, T.R. 1995(b). The Architecture of Urban Stream Buffers. Watershed Protection Techniques, 1:4.
List of Publications
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