Conservation Planning Assistance

According to federal law, all plowing and tilling operations are required to implement a conservation plan. A conservation plan is a site specific action plan to assist farmers in successful management of their soil, water, air, plant, animal, and human resources. The Chester County Conservation District offers technical services to develop conservation plans. Some benefits of implementing and maintaining a conservation plan are limited liability protection, increased productivity, technical designs, and possible incentive payments for installing conservation practices, crop field soil loss estimates, cultural resources and endangered species searches, and a resource link to many government agencies and programs.

A resource conservationist with paper
If you would like to develop a conservation plan yourself, the Action Packet for Agriculture (A Self Assessment and Planning Tool for Water Quality Protection) will help. Additional planning information can also be found on Conservation Planning Assistance.

Sample Plan:
If you are interested in developing a conservation plan with us, submit a request for assistance form and we will contact you.

Additional Information

For more information contact:
Dan Miloser, Agricultural Team Leader
610-925-4920 ext. 115