Professional Visitor

Visiting / Counseling Hours

08:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Daily (all professional visitors must leave prior to 10:20 p.m.)


Pennsylvania Legal Bar Card and photo Identification are required.

Other Professionals and Volunteers*

Photo Identification is required. Certain restrictions may apply. (Please check to see if you are considered in this category)

Please Note

: Expect delays at certain times during these hours, due to other prison activities such as, but not limited to: meals, Shift changes, inmate counts, security incidents, etc.

Dress Code

In accordance with the County of Chester’s governmental operating policy, all professional visitors are expected to maintain good grooming and dress practices so that their appearance:
  • promotes a business-like image while inside the facility
  • will not violate generally accepted standards within the business community
  • will not violate safety rules

Your attire should complement an environment that reflects an efficient, orderly and professionally operated organization. 

The following is considered unacceptable at any time in the Prison and may prohibit your ability to enter the facility.

  • torn or ripped clothing
  • spandex and/or skin-tight outfits of any type or material
  • sweat or warm up suits
  • shorts, excessively baggy pants or clothing that can conceal items or cause a safety hazard
  • exposed undergarments
  • tops that are low cut or exposing
  • cleavage, bare midriffs and bare backs 
  • spaghetti strap/strapless/halter/mesh tops
  • see-through blouses or shirts
  • tube tops/crop tops/half shirts
  • low riding or sag style pants
  • boxer shorts worn as outerwear
  • shirts that have sexually suggestive writing/pictures or advocate violence or promote or advertise the use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs or have double meaning wording or obscene language or are disrespectful or offensive to others
  • bedroom slippers
  • flip flops
  • spiked jewelry or chains or any jewelry that could cause injury or constitute a hazard
  • hats, caps, bandanas, hoods, visors, sweatbands, sunglasses and any apparel that is judged to be unhealthy or unsanitary (e.g., clothing that is dirty and/or gives off a foul odor).

* If an individual’s attire is questionable, the Duty Officer or his designee will determine if the individual is in violation of above and admittance is to be denied.