Think S*A*F*E*

The Think S*A*F*E* program is a proactive program that provides an esteem building, age appropriate action plan for children facing dangerous situations and includes procedures to avoid and escape from danger. The program is geared toward 3rd and 4th grade students and can be modified to include Kindergarten through 8th grade. Parents are encouraged to attend with their children 

Statistics have revealed that there are thousands of child abductions attempted each year, but less than 1% are successful. The largest determining factor  the initial reaction of the child. The Think S*A*F*E* program teaches children to approach dangerous situations by applying the anagram S*A*F*E*.


  • Smart thinking
  • Act brave
  • Fly to safety
  • Eliminate the problem
Children are taught to judge any situation by listening to their intuition rather than general stereotypes of what is good or bad.The program also covers commonly used lures, escape procedures, proper reporting to law enforcement authorities and internet safety.

The Think S*A*F*E* program is a free program and available through the Sheriff's Office and is coordinated by Cpl Brad DeSando and Tricia Todd. For more information, email Cpl Brad DeSando or call 610-344-4322 or email Tricia Todd or call 610-662-5370.