Mushroom Farm Assistance

Mushroom farming in Chester County has a rich and storied history. It has played a vital part of the economy and community in this region for over a century. Despite its many benefits, it has proven to have an affect on the environment. Ultimately, our goal as a Conservation District is to work with the all mushroom farmers in reducing their impact on our natural resources. Some of the services we provide include the development and implementation of a Mushroom Farm Environmental Management Plan (MFEMP), assistance in applying for cost-share funding, technical support for installing Best Management Practices (BMPs), and an overall education about our relationship with the environment.


Best Management Practices

Mushroom Farm Environmental Management Plan (MFEMP)

Mushroom Compost (MC)

Mushroom Wastewater

Additional Resources



Dan Miloser, Ag Team Leader and Mushroom Farm Resource Conservationist

Lines of Mushroom Houses