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E&S Update: We have updated our fee schedule and corresponding District Application for NPDES projects. Please check our Application/Forms/Payments page.

Please note: when mailing checks and pages 1&2 of the District Application to our office, please send them via REGULAR mail. Additionally: we have installed a drop-box next to our office's entrance for convenient and secure in-person delivery of any project fees.

Spring/Summer 2022 Back 40 is here!

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Ag Services Fee Update

The Chester County Conservation District Board of Directors formally approved updates to the Agricultural Services Fees on January 20, 2022. The new fees will take effect for submissions received on and after March 1, 2022.

Chapter 102 Permitting Update

Attention Engineers/Applicants:

 On January 7, 2022, the Chester County Conservation District updated the digital submission procedure for submissions pertaining to the NPDES Stormwater program. This includes a new naming convention for submissions. These updates are effective immediately. Please see the revised CCCD digital submission procedure under the Applications / Forms / Payments page for more information.

Our phone number has changed! 610-455-1360.

The list of new staff extensions is located on our Staff page.

Online Payments
We have added an option for online payment to make submitting project fees more convenient for you! Please see our Applications/Forms/Payments page for more details, instructions, and the direct link to online payment page.

ADDED 04/27/2021: Visual Site Inspection Fillable Report

PLEASE submit NOTs (Notice of Termination) Forms, Documents, and Plans in Digital Form to [email protected]  Paper copies are not required.  THANK YOU.

PCSM Spreadsheet Update:

An updated version of the PCSM Spreadsheet has been posted to DEP’s website (version 1.9, October 2021).  This version includes two updates to the Volume tab: 1) all of the post-construction impervious land covers are available to select for pre-construction, and 2) “Soil Amendments” is no longer a BMP option in the drop-down Structural BMP Table, and per the Instructions should be calculated via the PA SW BMP Manual and reported in the Non-Structural - Other Credits field.  

It is recommended to check DEP’s website and utilize the latest version of the spreadsheet for each PAG-02/Individual Permit Application, and to carefully review the PCSM Spreadsheet Instructions prior to, and during the completion of, the spreadsheet. 

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