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General Updates

Conservation District Hours UPDATE:

CCCD's in-office hours have changed

We are open from 10am - 2pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays


  • We're hiring! Please take a look at our "Employment Opportunities" page for the full description of our open position: Ag Engineer. You can also look at the position here.

December 2023:

  • DEP has issued an announcement regarding the PAG-02 General Permit expiration on Clean Water Academy.

Chapter 102 Permitting Updates

PAG-02 General Permit Expiration Announcement: 

The PAG-02 General Permit will expire on December 7, 2024. DEP expects that Notices of Intent (NOIs) to remain covered under the reissued PAG-02 General Permit will be required, and those NOIs will be due to the DEP or county conservation district office that approved original coverage by December 7, 2024. DEP expects to provide a streamlined renewal NOI form for this purpose. This form will not be available until PAG-02 is reissued (the current estimate is Fall 2024). Permittees that do not have Notice of Termination (NOT) approval by December 7, 2024 will need to submit a renewal NOI. However, DEP and county conservation districts cannot accept renewal NOIs for PAG-02 until DEP publishes the final reissued PAG-02 General Permit.

Online Payments

We have added an option for online payment to make submitting project fees more convenient for you! Please see our Applications/Forms/Payments page for more details, instructions, and the direct link to online payment page.

Please note: when mailing checks and pages 1 and 2 of the district application to our office, please send them via postal mail or use the drop-box next to our main entrance for convenient and secure in-person delivery of project fees.

Submit Notice of Termination forms, documents and plans in digital form to [email protected]. Paper copies are not required.

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