Chester County, Pennsylvania Water Resources Compendium

The Compendium is a technical report that serves as a compilation of a tremendous volume of information on the water resources and watersheds of Chester County. The Compendium provides information on ground and surface water resources of 21 watersheds that are part of Chester County.

Discussion and analyses on water balances; ground and surface water quality; stormwater management; stream corridor protection; agricultural, land development, and land management BMPs; water supply; and wastewater disposal are addressed in this comprehensive water resources document. The Compendium serves as the technical foundation for Watersheds.
The Chester County Water Resources Compendium
Development of the Compendium was funded by the Chester County Board of Commissioners and grant funding from Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Section 319 Nonpoint Source Program, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Keystone Recreation, Park and Conservation Fund Program, the William Penn Foundation / Brandywine Valley Association. Many other entities contributed data, information, and input.

The Compendium is available as .pdf files in a .zip file that you can download here.

For more information regarding the Compendium, please contact the Chester County Water Resources Authority (610-344-5400).

Chester County, Pennsylvania Water Resources Compendium CD-ROM Contents

Part 1: Technical Report - Assessment of 21 Watersheds Originating in Chester County, Pennsylvania

  • Section 1: Introduction
  • Section 2: Watershed Primer
  • Section 3: Water in Land Use Planning
  • Section 4: Hydrologic System
  • Section 5: Cultural, Historic, Recreational and Biological Resources
  • Section 6: Water Supply
  • Section 7: Wastewater Disposal
  • Section 8: Existing Stormwater and Floodplain Management Regulations and Practices
  • Section 9: Pollutant Runoff
  • Section 10: Streams Vulnerability Analysis
  • Section 11: Problem Overview and Evaluation
  • Section 12: Management Goals and Objectives
  • Section 13: Guidance and Recommendations for Municipal Implementation
  • Section 14: Recommendations for Implementation by Other Agencies and Stakeholders
  • Section 15: Recommendations for Water and Wastewater Planning - Chester County, PA
  • Section 16: Regional Watershed Priorities
  • Section 17: Data Documentation
  • Section 18: References
  • Appendix A: Water Resources Regulatory Structure

Part 2: Data Sheets

  • Section 1: Subbasin Data Summary Sheets
  • Section 2: Selected Water Supply Facilities Data
  • Section 3: Selected Sewer Facilities Data
  • Section 4: Selected Act 537 Plan Data
  • Section 5: Questionnaires and Response Summaries