Managed Behavioral Healthcare

Jennifer Brion, Director


To provide human services to all eligible county residents in a coordinated and collaborative manner. To best meet our residents’ needs, the department ensures that decisions are made on a sound planning basis and that measures are put in place to maintain high quality services and the statutes and regulations are followed consistently by and between the different services comprising the human services system.

Goals and Objectives


  • To enhance the on-going performance of the Health Choices services under the existing cost structure.
  • To develop a "partnership" with key community providers to enhance the behavioral health service delivery system.


  • To utilize the Management Strategic Planning Committee to develop a plan to improve community based clinical and rehabilitative service for adults.
  • To implement a new Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services intake, assessment and evaluation system.
  • To implement structured planning and systems development meetings with key providers.
  • To develop targeted clinical and administrative work plans for systems improvements.