Watershed Plan

Watersheds, and its companion documents, are available by clicking on the links below or physical copies can be ordered from the Chester County Water Resources Authority by contacting us at [email protected].

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Watersheds was adopted in 2002 by the Chester County Board of Commissioners as the water resources element of the County's Comprehensive Plan, Landscapes.

What Does Watersheds Provide?

  • Specific strategies, criteria, and recommendations for municipalities and others to protect water resources while accommodating for planned growth.
  • Recommendations, guidance and tools for municipal implementation
  • Municipal Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal/Integrated Water Resources Planning Guidance.
  • Watershed Primer - "What is a Watershed?"
  • A Snapshot of information collected during the compilation of the Chester County, Pennsylvania Water Resources Compendium, the technical foundation that Watersheds is based upon.
  • Priorities for Watershed Management.
  • Watershed Management Needs for each of the 21 watersheds that make up Chester County.