Dirt, Gravel, & Low Volume Road Maintenance Program

Funded by the State Conservation Commission (SCC), the Dirt and Gravel Road Program in Chester County focuses on improving unpaved roads in an environmentally positive way while reducing maintenance costs for municipalities. Unpaved roads are a major source of harmful sediment pollution carried to streams by water from the roadway.

To reduce this problem, the Conservation District provides grants for municipalities to improve roads that have been identified as sources of sediment pollution. There are multiple strategies to reduce road water from reaching the stream, including building up and stabilizing the road base and adding crosspipes that outlet water to safe, stable locations. 

Key Program Facts

  • State allocates funding to PA state Conservation Commission through Section 9106 of the PA vehicle code
  • PA state Conservation Commission then allocates funding to Conservation Districts
  • Public road owning entities (most are municipalities) may apply for grant funding after completing a two day ESM (Environmentally Sensitive Maintenance) training
  • The program stresses site-specific, long term solutions to prevent erosion and pollution. Keep the roads out of the stream and the stream out of the roads
  • Minimal administration, decision making at a local level

Chester County Statistics

Program Allocation History 

  • D&G - $1,343,574.00
  • LVR - $2,187,818.00

Completed Projects

  • D&G - 41
  • LVR – 15

Current Open Contracts

  • D&G – 2
  • LVR - 2

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For more information, contact Jim Demchak at 610-455-1375