Welcome to the Chester County Envirothon! The Chester County Conservation District sponsors this annual environmental educational program with Chester County Facilities and Parks, hosting it at Hibernia County Park. Each year students from public, private, parochial, and home schools, grades 3-12, celebrate months of research, exploration, and preparation with an enjoyable outdoor competition and measure of learning.

Pennsylvania Envirothon Program

 The Chester County Envirothon is part of the Pennsylvania Envirothon Program, which helps students understand the natural environment and their role in it. The Envirothon provides a means for students to demonstrate what they know about the environment. It is a cumulative process that addresses the learning levels of awareness, knowledge, attitudes, and application. Students who participate in the Envirothon will demonstrate an understanding of environmental concepts, of how human activity impacts the environment, and of how people can work together as partners in conservation practices to enhance their lives and quality of life by protecting the environment. For more information, contact Gaye Lynn Criswell at 610-455-1365.

2023 Envirothon

Please keep an eye out here for new and updated information as we have it. Looking forward to another great year!

Envirothon Dates:

Wednesday April 26th and Thursday April 27th 2023

Current Issue:

Adapting to a Changing Climate

Envirothon Resources: 



2022 Envirothon Champions!

Congratulations to the Avon Grove Charter B Team

the 2022 Champions of the Chester County Envirothon. This team will represent Chester County and compete in the State Envirothon at Camp Mount Luther in Mifflenberg later this month. Seven Chester County schools participated with eleven teams in the senior event. In their Envirothon t-shirts made from recycled material, these students competed in stations of Aquatics, Wildlife, Soils, Forestry and the Current Issues of “Waste to Resources”.

After two years of going “virtual”, the two day Envirothon was held in-person and was well attended. The elementary teams powered through a foggy day with 28 teams competing from eleven schools and the middle schools were represented by 20 teams representing ten schools throughout the county.

The Chester County Conservation District partners with the Chester County Parks + Preservation and Chester County Facilities along with our sponsors and all the volunteers that help to make this a fun and successful educational event.

Chester County Envirothon Results:

Seniors – Grade 9 – 12

Champion– Avon Grove Charter B

Second Place – Avon Grove High School A

Third Place – Avon Grove Charter A

Middle School- Grades 6-8

First Place– West Fallowfield Christian School A

Second Place - Hopewell B

Third Place – West Fallowfield Christian School B

Elementary - Grades 3 – 5: Station Winners

Wildlife – Nottingham D

Aquatics – Nottingham D

Forestry – Nottingham D

Current Issue – Nottingham D

Outdoor Safety – tie French Creek B and Nottingham D

Avon Grove Charter WINNERS
Middle School Enviro WINNER
Envirothon Champions: Avon Grove Charter B Team                                         Middle School 1st Place Team: West Fallowfield Christian School
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