Valley Creek Watershed Act 167 Stormwater Management Plan

Valley Creek Watershed Stormwater Management Plan

July 30, 2010 (with Errata sheet dated 2/4/2011) - 231 pages

The Valley Creek Watershed Stormwater Management Plan addresses the impacts of stormwater quality and quantity on groundwater and surface water resources, geomorphology, and aquatic habitat of the Valley Creek watershed.

The reason for preparing this Plan is to satisfy the requirements of the Pennsylvania Stormwater Management Act, Act 167 of 1978, and to establish scientifically-based stormwater management implementation strategies that restore and protect the water resources and maintain safe and productive communities.

Executive Summary

July 30, 2010 - 8 pages

This Executive Summary provides an overview of the components of the Plan.
Also, the Executive Summary is published in an 11x17 page layout format.
The cover of the Valley Creek Watershed Stormwater Management Plan

Plan Appendices

July 30, 2010

Cover and List of Contents - 3 pages
Appendix A. Maps - Disclaimer and Sources - 8 pages
Appendix B. Watershed Plan Advisory Committee Meetings - 1 page
Appendix C. Previous Studies - 9 pages
Appendix D. Existing Municipal Ordinances - 247 pages
Appendix E Exemptions - 3 pages
Appendix F. PADEP Factsheet - Off-Site Discharges ... - 4 pages
Appendix G. Prohibited Discharges - 2 pages
Appendix H. Stormwater Hotspots - 2 pages
Appendix I. Simplified Approach for Small Projects - 29 pages
Appendix J. Comment Response Log - 82 pages
Appendix K. Public Hearing Notice and Hearing Summary - 1 page
Appendix L. Certification of Ordinance Adoption - 2 page
Appendix M. Letters of Support for Plan Adoption - 6 pages
Appendix N Letter of Commitment - Valley Forge National Historical Park - 4 pages

Technical Appendices

July 30, 2010 - 233 pages

Volume 2 of this Plan is the Technical Appendices which is a compilation of the data and technical analyses that support the findings, conclusions and recommendations contained in the Plan. 

Valley Creek Watershed Technical Compendium


July 2004

The study included a watershed assessment, including both a water quality assessment and a fluvial geomorphology (FGM) assessment. The purpose of these assessments were to identify stream reaches that are functioning well, in addition to those reaches in need of restoration. The stream characteristics evaluated included the stream’s geometry, water quality, habitat, stream bank stability, geology and topographic features.

The results, conclusions and recommendations from the watershed assessments have been published in the Valley Creek Watershed Technical Compendium.