Funding Opportunities

The Department of Community Development accepts grant applications through an online platform. To access open online applications, review the information below and then click Apply for Grants.

Our Vision

The Chester County Department of Community Development, receives federal, state, and local funds on an annual basis and seeks proposals from qualified organizations that are committed to improving the lives of Chester County residents.

The list of resources below present DCD's priorities and objectives for funding housing, community development, economic development, infrastructure, homeless assistance, and other public services in Chester County. Funding consideration is given to applicants who effectively address the most pressing needs of Chester County residents. DCD works in tandem with the following plans:

Adopted Plans

Funding Requirements

Most funding for programs supported by DCD is allocated to benefit low and moderate income individuals and families, or dislocated/unemployed workers. Applicants that are awarded funding are required to collect income and other demographic data with regard to the population served.

Helpful Information