Property Research Guide Case Studies

Mid-19th Century Frame Dwelling House
This property held its own unique challenges. Throughout most of its history, the house functioned as a tenant house. This means that it was generally rented out to local farm laborers and mill hands which makes it difficult to document the families who lived there. The house was once part of a larger tract that included a brick mansion house and a mill. Circumstantial evidence points to a construction date of 1844.
Phoenixville Borough
Late-19th Century Brick Twin

The house on Ridge Avenue is an unassuming 2 ½ story brick twin located on the western end of the borough of Phoenixville. Unlike a bucolic stone farmhouse or stately Victorian, the house was built for a laboring family in a factory town. The house still maintains its original appearance and much of its original character. The wood moldings, floors and even the shutters have not been altered since the home was built in 1871.