Jury Service

Jurors whose selection date is


with pool order numbers 3 through and including 128

must report to the Justice Center between 8:00 and 8:45 AM 


Jury Summons

After you receive and respond to your juror summons, you must call the Jury Line: 1-800-223-JURY (1-800-223-5879) after 5 PM on the evening before each of your service dates. Instructions concerning reporting time will be given via a recorded message. Please listen carefully and follow all instructions.

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Jury Schedule

  • Monday and Tuesday - Call on Sunday and Monday evenings
  • Tuesday and Wednesday - Call on Monday and Tuesday evenings
  • Wednesday and Thursday - Call on Tuesday and Wednesday evening
  • Friday - Call on Thursday evening

Reporting for Jury Duty

The Court continues to closely monitor the ongoing state of the COVID-19 pandemic and has implemented measures that reflect federal, state and local government orders and guidance.

If there is a sudden illness or emergency which will prevent you from appearing on your service date, please call 610-344-6174 before 9:00 am.

Unless otherwise directed by your summons or the phone-in procedure, report to the Jury Assembly Room (Suite 5325) on the 5th Floor of the of the Chester County Justice Center.

When jurors report, they are greeted by court personnel and given badges with their juror number and asked to be seated until jury orientation commences. During the jury orientation video, the names of those individuals present are identified and entered into the computer system for random selection to juror panels. The jury staff then calls a person’s name, waits for a response and assigns the juror a seat. When the process is complete, the panel is escorted to the courtroom for the selection process know as "voir dire".

Prospective jurors not selected are returned to the Jury Assembly Room for possible assignment to other panels. At the end of two days, those not selected as jurors or not specifically asked to return (when voir dire extends beyond the 2nd day) are dismissed. Those selected to serve on a jury are dismissed at the end of the trial.

Courthouse Security Guidelines

Upon entering the building you must pass through a metal detector please do not bring glass bottles, pocket knives, scissors, knitting needles, guns or mace.

Dress Code

Please use good judgment and dress conservatively. We suggest simple business attire that is comfortable and not extreme in style. This helps maintain the dignity of the court. Blue jeans, shorts, tank tops, and tee shirts are not suitable.


Parking is available in the Chester County Parking Garage (214 West Market Street) directly across the street from the Justice Center. The County will pay for your parking in this parking garage only.  You must show the information sheet to the attendant of the garage in order to obtain parking. When entering the garage proceed to the third floor where the attendant will be on duty between 8:00am-8:30am to admit jurors. Plan to arrive accordingly. When approaching the two gates located on the third floor please utilize the gate on the left hand side.

 Reminder: If you leave the garage during the day you cannot get back in.

Inclement Weather

In case of inclement weather, please check one of the following resources for information:

  • Chester County Website - Delays due to weather will be posted by 6:30am.
  • Call 610-344-6000. If there is a delayed opening, information is updated by 6:30am
  • Sign up for ReadyChesCo and register for "County Government Closings".