After the order has been established, the Enforcement Unit handles most of the case’s needs. Enforcement Officers are assigned caseloads based on the 1st letter of the defendant’s last name. They manage all necessary enforcement actions, including entering wage attachments, scheduling arrears conferences and filing petitions for contempt. They also assist clients with filing petitions to modify existing support orders. To contact your enforcement officer or to submit a request, you may call, fax or mail in your request. You may also make an appointment.

Note: Case information is now available online at www.childsupport.state.pa.us.
Requests Information
Many requests are required to be in writing, so using the online format often saves time. We have over 14,000 active cases. If you call, you may find that your officer is busy with other appointments. You may then be directed to talk to a member of our support staff or to the officer’s voice mail system. We access message daily, and will return all calls within 48 hours. Although we serve many, many families, each case is very important to us. We respond to your calls in the order in which they are received and make every effort to reach you as soon as possible.

Both plaintiffs and defendants are required to keep us up to date on your most current address, employer and contact information. This allows us to always provide you with the best service.

Master Hearing
An Enforcement Officer discussing a case