Juvenile Probation Forms

Community Service Time Sheet
The Community Service Time Sheet can be printed and used by juveniles to report hours completed while performing community service.

Crime Victim Forms

As a victim, you have a right under Pennsylvania Law to receive information regarding the Juvenile Justice System, case status updates, accompaniment, and assistance in filing restitution. The Crime Victims’ Center of Chester County, Inc. provides a full range of services to all victims of crime and their families, without cost, for as long as services are needed. The Victim Response Form and the Victim Restitution Claim Form allows the Juvenile Court Victim/Witness Office to understand each victims’ individual needs and tend to them accordingly.

Victim Impact Statement
As a crime victim, you have the opportunity to use this Victim Impact Statement to describe how this crime affected you and others close to you. This statement has space for you to write about the physical, emotional, and financial effects of this crime, as well as any other changes in your life that you may have experienced as a result of the crime. If the defendant pleads guilty or is found guilty after a formal hearing, your impact statement will help the judge understand how this crime has affected you and those close to you.

Victim Response Form

The Juvenile Probation Department is required to provide specific information to victims regarding their case, if requested. The Victim Response Form allows the Juvenile Court Victim/Witness Office to understand which aspects of the case individual victims would like to be kept aware of.

Victim Restitution Claim Form
If there are expenses that you must pay as a victim as a result of the crime, you may request that the juvenile offender repays you. Restitution covers medical expenses, property loss, and insurance deductibles. By completing and returning the Restitution Claim Form, receipts, and other information regarding expenses, restitution can then be respectfully requested from the court to be a condition of the juvenile’s probation.