Wolf's Hollow Carry in/Carry Out Policy

Trash cans are not provided. Visitors are asked to come prepared to take their trash along with them. Taking responsibility for our waste encourages awareness of our impact on natural resources, and can prompt environmentally-friendly behaviors.

How does this help our park?

Fosters: a partnership between visitors and parks by encouraging all visitors to help maintain clean parks.

Prompts: park users to be eco-friendly. Packing more reusable (recyclable, biodegradable or sustainable) items creates less garbage and conserves your parks for future generations.

Eliminates: unsightly trash and receptacles that can detract from the beauty of the park's natural environment.

Redirects: staff resources to other necessary park projetcs. By spending fewer resources on trash collection, staff can spend more time on the facilities and programs for you to enjoy.

Increases: the safety of your visit by reducing the number of bees, wasps and other pests.

Improves: the health of wildlife by reducing their dependency on trash as a food source.

Wolf's Hollow trail