Juvenile Probation Units

Intake/Diversion Unit

provides case processing services (investigation, assessment and coordination with regional supervision units) to juveniles charged with a misdemeanor, felony, or summary non-payment allegation so they can, in a timely manner, receive a supervision plan that is consistent with their assessed level of risk and needs.

Legal Unit

is responsible for drafting petitions, scheduling court hearings, providing hearing notification, producing and distributing court orders, processing expungement requests, documenting hearing results and forwarding all required court outcome information to the Juvenile Court Judges Commission, Police, and Schools. 


Regional Supervision Units

provide regionalized case management, planning, supervision, and coordination of services to juveniles within the community with the goal for the youth to successfully complete their supervision plan and do not re-offend.  Additionally, Probation Officers provide supervision and monitoring of higher-risk youth in residential care, so they can, in the shortest length of stay necessary, lower their level of risk of harm to themselves and others while the community is protected.

Community Service Unit

provides restorative and educational service opportunities to juveniles within the community as a way to make amends for the harms they have caused.

Victim Services 

ensures victims’ rights are upheld and provides supportive services and accompaniment to victims of juvenile crime. This unit is staffed with advocates from the Crime Victim's Center of Chester County. 

Court Services Unit

manages the referrals to, and the quality of, community-based and out-of-home service providers.  Court Services Unit also assesses ongoing needs of the youth involved with juvenile probation and incorporates new programs for youth as needed.

Quality Assurance Unit 

is responsible for maintaining case and departmental data.