Family Visitation

Family and friends visitation is temporarily suspended due to COVID-19 concerns.

GTL - Inmate Phone Service 

As we settle in to a new normal, communication and connections are more important than ever. GTL understands the impact that family and friends can have on boosting morale but recognizes that sometimes financial difficulties get in the way of connecting. In an effort to keep inmates connected to their loved ones, GTL will be providing an additional free phone call of up to five minutes per week, in addition to the current two free calls. 

Crisis Hotline - 610-793-1510 ext. 3225

If you are concerned about an inmate that might be in crisis, please call and ask for the medical staff on duty.

Si usted estás preocupado de uno de los residentes que podría estar en crisis, llame al 610-793-1510 ext. 3225 o pida hablar con el personal medico del turno en servicio.


Current COVID-19 Cases as of 11/30/22

  Postive Cases
Employees 7
Inmates 31