Current Office Operations

Our office is open to the public for all filings during normal business hours of 8:30A.M. -4:30P.M. While we are open to accept any and all filings we encourage the mailing and e-filing of eligible documents.

Passport services are available by appointment only. Please visit the Passport page to make an appointment.

We will have staff available during normal business hours to answer any questions or to assist with the e-filing system at 610-344-6300.


  • E-Filing

  • Public Access - 

    ChescoPIN is a paid subscription service that provides access to docket entries. ChescoPIN may be accessed at no charge in the Prothonotary's Office or at Chester County libraries.
  • Passports

    - The Prothonotary’s Office accepts applications for US Passports. View Passport information or call 610-344-6050