County War Aid Association (WWI), 1917-1921

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This index is to the soldiers’ cards and letters from the records of the Chester County War Aid Association (CCWAA). The Association was a relief organization set up in December 1917 for Chester County servicemen in World War I. The CCWAA kept records of Chester County soldiers and nurses who served in the war. It provided items such as sweaters, socks, combs and Christmas packages.

Original spelling has been retained, with the exception of some occupations and places of residence. The “Race” designation is as it appears on the original cards. In some cases, there may be 2 cards for an individual. Cards do not exist for all servicemen; for cases in which there is no card but there is correspondence, the phrase “no card” will found under “Place of Residence.” While most servicemen listed their Chester County residences and pre-war occupations, some used their military locations and assignments.

Special Note
Honorifics (Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.) have been eliminated. For example, Harry Fisher’s parents are identified in the index as “Jacob Fisher.” On the original card they are listed as “Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Fisher.