Civil War Equalization & Pension Records, 1863-1868

On July 23, 1866 the United States Congress passed the Equalization Act. This Act provided an additional bounty of $100 to all honorably discharged soldiers (or the widow, minor children or parents of the soldier) who served no less than 3 years and were entitled to or received a bounty under the earlier laws. The 2nd section of the law provided an addition bounty of $50 for men (or their heirs as stated above) who served at least 2 years or had been discharged on account of wounds.

Additional entries in this volume relate to the U.S. Pension Acts of June 6, 1866 and July 25, 1866.

Entries may contain the following information: Names of soldier, pensioner (widow, parents, minor children), guardians (of minors), witnesses, certificate number, disability, rank, regiment and company of soldier, discharge date, discharged signed by, applicable act of congress, date of declaration, fees, amount paid, date of receipt, and remarks.