Tavern Petitions, 1700-1923

Papers relating to the process by which the court granted licenses for taverns, eating houses, temperance houses, and distilleries. Types of papers include; petition to court, bond, remonstrances and fee receipt.


Petitions to the court requesting a license was filed by the proprietor of a tavern in order to obtain a license and contains the name and signature of petitioner, date of petition, township or borough of petitioner and establishment. The petition may also include the signatures of various residents of the area urging the court to grant a recommendation for a license due to the necessity of a tavern or eating house for the area, as well as attesting to the good character of the petitioner. Licenses would have to be applied for each year.

Category Type
The category Type indicates:
A - Allowed (license granted)
D - Disallowed (no license granted)
B - Bond
R - Remonstrance (petition against the issuance of a tavern license)