Community Protective Factors

Community Protective Factors
Opportunities for Prosocial Involvement: When opportunities are available in a community for positive participation, children are less likely to engage in substance use and other problem behaviors

  • My neighbors notice when I am doing a good job and let me know
  • There are people in my neighborhood who encourage me to do my best
  • There are people in my neighborhood who are proud of me when I do something well
Rewards for Prosocial Involvement
Rewards for positive participation in activities help children bond to the community, thus lowering their risk for substance abuse.
  • There are lots of adults in my neighborhood that I could talk to about something important
  • Which of the following activities for people your age are available in your community?
    • Sports Teams
    • Scouting
    • Boys and Girls Clubs
    • 4-H Clubs
    • Service Clubs