Recorder of Deeds

About the Recorder's Office

The Recorder of Deeds office has been faithfully serving the residents of Chester County since 1688.  The Recorder of Deeds is the custodian of all land records and indexes relating to land transfers and is required to archive all records related to property. Document information and images are available to the public online.

The Recorder of Deeds is responsible for administering oaths and recording commissions for notary publics. The office acts as the repository for military discharge papers (DD214s), bonds and commissions of county elected officials, common pleas judges and magisterial district judges. The Recorder of Deeds also records subdivision and highway plans, power of attorneys, and other miscellaneous documents.

The office is responsible for the collection of county and state fees as well as real estate transfer taxes which are then distributed to the Commonwealth and Chester County’s 73 municipalities and 14 school districts.

The Recorder of Deeds does not depend on county tax dollars to operate. The office is self-sufficient and generates a net profit for the Chester County General Fund.

Mission Statement

For more than three hundred years, the Mission of the Recorder of Deeds office steadfastly remains dedicated to promptly preserving the integrity, accuracy and continuity of Chester County designated public land records, thus helping to insure, protect and preserve property ownership and promote the engagement of business involving real estate, with expedience and confidence, now and in the future.

Legal Advice

Frequently, the Recorder of Deeds office will receive requests from the public to draft new deeds, determine if there are liens against a property or determine if a piece of land has been subdivided. Our staff are not authorized to give any type of legal advice.

Document Information

Requirements for Power of Attorney Document