Waste, Fraud, & Abuse Hotline

Hotline Information

Report cases of waste, fraud and abuse

Report waste, fraud, and mismanagement of our county tax dollars

  • Suspected theft or misuse of County property or cash
  • False reporting of hours worked
  • Submission of illegitimate vendor invoices
  • Falsification of expense reimbursements
  • Mismanagement of tax dollars
  • Spending in excess of what is reasonable and necessary
  • Violations of the County’s purchasing policy
  • Other suspected fraud or abuse
  • County worker injury or disability fraud

County Employees

  • Send us ideas to improve efficiency and save the County money.
More information on reporting waste, fraud or abuse 
Include as much detailed information as possible in your tip. Vague allegations may not be able to be substantiated.
  • Fraud investigations are opened within 24 hours of receiving a tip.
  • Status reports can be provided if you supply your name and contact information with your submission.
  • Tips can be submitted anonymously by email or postal mail.
  • If you choose to remain anonymous, your complaint will receive the same attention as all tips we receive.
  • The Fraud & Abuse Hotline extends only to Chester County government resources and activities. Any type of fraudulent activity involving private business or governmental agencies not related to Chester County should be reported to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.
Waste, Fraud, & Abuse Poster