Tax Certification

 A Tax Certification is an official document produced on Tax Claim Bureau letterhead that states the specific amount of delinquent taxes owing on a particular parcel as of the certificate date. Entities such as, but not limited to, title companies, mortgage companies and banks must request and purchase a certification. No verbal certification will be given.

Online Services

The Tax Claim Bureau offers tax certifications to be purchased online. Online requests will be processed on the business day following the online submission.

You will be required to enter a PARCEL NUMBER when purchasing on-line. Please note that the fifth digit in the parcel number must be either an underscore or an uppercase letter.

Example: 0123_45678901 or 0123K45678901

If entering a PARCEL NUMBER, leave the Customer Name field blank.

Multiple Tax Certifications can be purchased in one transaction by using the "Shopping Cart" feature. Please enter your e-mail address or fax number in the "notes" box. Once this is complete, click on "Add Item" and you may either add another certification or click on "Checkout" to enter your payment information and complete the transaction.

  • Online Tax Certification with email/FAX return service - $33 Fee Per Parcel + $2 Fee. - Please include email or FAX number in the Notes box
  •  Tax Claim Certification Request Form (print and send via postal mail or in person at our office)
  • $15 fee per parcel with mail return service
  • $35 fee per parcel with e-mail/FAX return service