Juvenile Probation Mission

The mission of the Chester County Juvenile Probation Department is to create balanced and restorative plans for juvenile offenders that involve their families, victims, and community and ensure accountability for harms caused and development of valued skills, while upholding the rights of victims.

The foundation of Pennsylvania’s juvenile justice system’s philosophy of balanced and restorative justice is rooted in the following principles:

Community Protection
Citizens have a right to safe/secure communities.

When a juvenile commits a crime, an obligation to the victim and the community is incurred.

Competency Development
Juvenile under the juvenile justice system jurisdiction should leave the system more capable of being responsible and productive members of their communities.

Each case represents unique characteristics and the system response must therefore be individualized and based upon an assessment of all relevant information and factors.

As appropriate to each case, the system must balance attention to protect the community, impose offender accountability and develop offender competencies.