Chester County MH/IDD contracts with a variety of local agencies to provide infant/toddler early intervention services. All services approved on the IFSP are provided at no charge to the family. The EI Service Coordinator works with the family to find a provider best able to meet the family's needs.

The role of the early interventionist is to coach and support parents and other caregivers to help the child learn.

The following agencies currently contract with Chester County MH/IDD to provide ongoing early intervention services 

For more information and the Early Intervention Statewide Provider List, visit PA Dept of Education Early Intervention

Provider Information 

The Chester County Early Intervention Quarterly Progress Summary Reports (Formatta Form) is used by early interventionists in Chester County to report on progress made towards the Outcome on an IFSP to the child’s family and other early intervention team members. 

Early Interventionist should access the form using the below link: 

Quarterly Progress Summary Form

Please contact EI Coordinator Stacy Barno with any questions on submitting quarterly reports.