Transition at Age 3

"Transition" in Early Intervention services has several meanings:

  • Moving from the infant/toddler program to the preschool program
  • Leaving or entering a hospital
  • Attending a child care setting
  • Changing a residence
  • No longer in need of services or programs

Early Intervention is one birth-to-age-5 program with two components.

  1. Services for eligible children up to age 3 are overseen by MH/IDD using funds from the PA Department of Human Services. 
  2. Services for children age 3-5 are overseen by the Chester County Intermediate Unit using funds from the PA Department of Education. 

Transition planning for a child turning three is a collaborative series of conversations and activities. Ideally this process begins early to help determine “What comes next?" and “What do we need to get there?” The Service Coordinator schedules a meeting with the family and Intermediate Unit staff to develop a transition plan based on skills the child needs to succeed; adaptations and acquisitions; community resources and family activities; and family-desired connections. Both programs work to make a smooth switch for the child and family from MH/IDD to the Intermediate Unit.