Individualized Family Service Plan

After a child is determined eligible for EI services, the Service Coordinator works with the family and other team members to develop a written plan describing the services and supports the child will receive.  The family, Service Coordinator, an evaluator, and sometimes others work together to write the plan. Additional participants may include other family members, friends, teachers, physicians, therapists, and others. Parents may invite whomever they wish to participate in the meetings.

The IFSP is based on the child’s strengths and the family’s concerns and priorities. The IFSP identifies what the family already has to help the child’s development, and what services might be needed.  The plan reflects home routines, family activities, community activities, and other natural learning opportunities. The plan emphasizes services in “natural environments” or settings that are common and normal for children of the same age but without disabilities.

The family is an equal partner on the IFSP team. Families may ask for an IFSP meeting to discuss possible changes in the IFSP at any time by contacting the Service Coordinator.