Visiting the Archives

Hours of Operation

  • Monday-Friday
  • 9AM-4PM
  • Closed for county holidays

Directions and Parking

Government Services Center
601 Westtown Road, Suite 080
West Chester, PA 19380

Parking is free.

Archives Research Room


  • All visitors are required to go through security to enter the Government Services Center. Please use common sense and leave commonly flagged (pocketknives, etc.) items at home.
  • The only items permitted in the reading room are research notes, pencils, laptop computers/tablets, and non-flash cameras. All other personal belongings (pens, markers, coats, purses, briefcases, etc) must be stored in the lockers provided. Staff reserve the right to inspect all articles used in the reading room. Cellphones are permitted as long as they are turned off or placed on vibrate.
  • Researchers may save digital record images from microfilm and research room computers. To take advantage of this option, researchers must bring in a new, unopened USB/Flash drive; no exceptions. Researchers will be charged a nominal daily use fee which will allow them to save an unlimited number of images. This fee will help us continue our mission to create, maintain and provide digital access to the historic records of Chester County.
  • Non-flash photography of originals is permitted only when the records are not available in another format (e.g. microfilm, scanned images, etc.).
  • Food, beverage, chewing gum, and tobacco are prohibited.
  • All materials must be handled with care. Marks may be neither added nor erased; tracing and rubbing are prohibited. Researchers must comply with staff direction regarding proper handling of materials.
  • All photocopying of original materials is to be done by staff. Requests must be made by 3:45. Self service microfilm reader printers and computer stations are provided for microfilmed and scanned records.
  • Researchers are responsible for returning all materials to staff. No materials may leave the reading room, nor be transferred to another researcher.